About JJ

JJ is a JD candidate at Washington University School of Law located in St. Louis, Missouri. He represents ABA Behavioral & Neuroscience Law Committee as a liaison to the SciTech Lawyer (issued by ABA Section of Science & Technology Law) and participates as an assistant editor from the SciTech Lawyer.

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JJ studied Computer Science (BS), Financial Engineering (BFE), Brain & Cognitive Engineering (ME) and Intellectual Property Law & Policy (LLM).

(Potential) Practice areas are

  • IP Portfolio DVLP and MGMT
    (e.g., Patent Prosecution/Litigation, Standards and Antitrust),
  • Financial Technologies and Services
    (e.g., Financial Services and Inventions),
  • Emerging Technologies and Public Policy
    (e.g., Driverless Car and Ride Share Services),
  • Medical Technologies and Healthcare Finance
    (e.g., Medical Imaging/Therapy and Medicare/Medicaid Finance & Reimbursement)



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